At A.M.I.E Inc we tried to make it easy and simple to our clients.

About us

A.M.I.E Inc has provided customers with a dependable and competitive source of motion control and systems. We have offered our clientele spare parts, innovative ideas and services to help them reduce manufacturing costs, enhance their system designs and increase their productivity.

A.M.I.E Inc targets many industrial sectors and our clientele ranges from the packaging, filling, steel, glass, cement, automobile, process and automation markets just to mention few.

How does A.M.I.E Inc work ?

Answer a few specific questions about your industrial spare parts needs. We’ll study your spare parts needs with our experienced professionals who can complete your project. We’ll email you a quotation within hours. Upon price agreement of both parties, a purchase order from your end is emailed to us and an order acknowledgement is issued from AMIE Inc to you. The spare parts will be on their way to you via the best and most economic freight couriers.

Our Mission

Is to be the premier and preferred supplier of quality industrial parts and meet our clients needs in a timely manner. AMIE INC will propose the best practical solutions and recommendations to the clients. 

Our Products






A.M.I.E provides the leading pneumatic product lines in the industry. From an individual fitting to a complex custom pneumatic manifold assembly, A.M.I.E can assist in selecting the best product for your application.


Hydraulic systems can be very complex. Many moving parts are involved that need to work harmoniously and seamlessly. Simple and seemingly insignificant components that fail can result in an entire network coming to a standstill. 


Our product line of hot melt parts provides adhesive equipment solutions for many different types of enterprises including the packaging, converting, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, non-woven, labeling, general assembly, woodworking and shoe industries.


An integral part of any automated system is quality assurance, both for the benefit of your customers and the protection of your personnel and equipment. Automate and control anything you use within your corporation.

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